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The Railway Station

The railway station in Brescia represents a rare example of nineteenth-century station, with neoclassical structure and style influenced by neo-romanesque elements and medieval fortifications.



Text: the railway station, built following the project of the engineer Benedetto Foix, was inaugurated on 24th April 1854, with the opening of the segment Coccaglio-Verona. The facade is monumental, with its red bricks, white arches and medieval battlements. Once it had 4 rails and was closed on the southern part by a colonnade delimited by two small towers, alike the two on the northern side, which signal the arrival of trains. Two sides were joined by a wood roofing that protects travellers, and that was decorated with the same finish of the facade. In 1878, in occasion of the visit of Umberto I of Savoia, for the inauguration of the segment Treviglio- Rovato, the roofing was substituted with one with iron and glass. During the WWII, this roofing was destroyed due to increasing request of iron for military aims.


10960072_353246491528394_1377499513783292554_oThe interior of the building was restored in 2005 and now it includes a ticket office, a bar-restaurant, a kiosk, many ticket machines and some shops. With the addition of rails, the south colonnade was demolished and the roofing was substituted with projecting roofs on the platforms. The rail network for the “traffic” of passengers is composed by 10 rails, three of them are sections, on the Western Area, that are the last stop for the segment Brescia-Iseo-Edolo. External rails are used for the operation of trains e for the transit of cargo trains that go to Brescia Scalo.


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