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Borgo Wührer

Modern district in Brescia, situated in the Bornata area, Borgo Wührer has many pubs for young people, and was seat for Wührer brewery.

borgo wuhrerBorgo Wührer is a modern district in Brescia, it is situated where once there was the seat of the well-known Wührer beer factory, even if the first headquarter was in Trieste street. The factory was founded by Franz Xaver Wührer in 1829. His son, Pietro Wührer, in 1889, built a modern factory in Bornata area. The construction finished in 1895, but the structure was enlarged until 1946, when it took current features. In the 80s the brand was sold to Peroni, that, later, closed the factory in Brescia. The area remained unused until 2001, when it was recovered. A structural reconversion followed, the structure of the factory was preserved, and, there, some flats and shops were built. The quarter was divided into 2 areas: one commercial, the other one residential.

Borgo Wührer was thought to be a real self-sufficient “village”, with all the essential services and separated from the rest of the city by the old enclosure of the factory. Streets that once crossed the three gates of the factory link the “village” with Bornata street. The areaborgo1 has car parks and cycling lanes. The quarter is particularly luxurious and modern, and it is seen as an ideal extension of the city centre.

Today, the “village” is the hangout on Friday and Saturday nights of young people, thanks to many pubs, and it has also many important offices.


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